About us

We are a happy „young“ couple.

In our earlier and wilder years, we used to travel around the globe, diving in alls seas and waters. But by now we are settled.

It took a few years to make a wrotten house (from the 18th century) into a cozy home.

At least after 5 years of hard work, since the year 2008 there is time and room enough to take care of animal-friends. Our choice was quite easy

The fawn great dane SABA became member of our familiy. 30 years ago in Poland I had my first great dane called ARGA, a wonderful dog. So once great dane friend for ever.

After a while we joined the German Great Dane Club to spend our time off with friends of great danes. We learned to teach SABA to obey orders and other important things round about dogs. SABA was always keen on cuddling and being close to us.

After 2 ½ years a brindle female great dane „BAHIA del Sol vom Münchhof“ joined us. Many great dane specalists liked here very much and so drove us into the „exhibition madness“.

Because of all the prices she got, national and international, we have covered BAHIA two times and now one of her daughters (Anjuli) stands to be covered..